How works.

How works

How works is to offer flexible appointments to clients who need a telephone, and video sessions, subject to availability. Clients who choose the email counselling option do not require appointments. The online counselling, and life coaching services are based on the application of confidentiality, empathic listening, and a non-judgemental stance.

Uniquely, I Dr. Christiana Eke, PhD, strategically and psychologically, attend to the challenges which clients present to me that affect them daily. By the same token, the services that I offer are for individuals, couples, children, youths, and families with numerous issues. As a matter of fact, life is full of difficult issues that require professional understanding and maximum support.

How works is that clients should visit the prices and payments page and decide which price package to buy, then phone me to check availability. When availability is offered and accepted, make a payment immediately to secure the booking. Upon my receipt of your payment, I will then fully confirm the appointment for your telephone or, video calls sessions.


How works is that NO REFUND POLICY APPLIES. Other clients could have booked the same appointment which you booked thereby, preventing those clients the opportunity to get appointments when required. However, 48 hours notice is required to cancel a booked appointment and reschedule.

Do you need to talk to a professional? Being on this website means that you need to talk to a professional for help with your challenges. Counselling, and life coaching sessions enable clients to willingly express their problems in order to get effective help for them. By exploring the challenges and, depending on the depth of the problems, clients require numerous sessions for more effective results.

How works, the guidelines for online services are that sessions are often provided via, email, telephone, and video meetings that suit you. When you call to make an appointment, we will discuss how you wish to attend. Furthermore, session minutes start from the time of each appointment.

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