and-payments. and payments

As a matter of fact, the prices and payments page shows the service rates. Moreover, choose the service and the price that you prefer either for email counselling, Skype call counselling, telephone counselling, Signal Messenger, or Skype video counselling.

Moreover, at this 24-hour counselling helpline, the healing process also depends on the depth of the problem presented. Furthermore, the majority of problems require more or several counselling sessions over many weeks or months for complete treatment. and payments

However, the payment methods to choose from are as follows:

1. By online transfer.

Also, text or email me for bank details in regard to the online transfer

2. Moreover, click on BUY NOW to make a payment with your card.


3. Equally, visit the website of PayPal at and use the email address: to pay the right amount for the service that you want.

As a matter of fact, nothing good comes out of hiding your worries.

It is equally important that the right help is given to the disturbing situation presented.

In reality, the prices for 50 minutes online counselling service on this website are listed below.

Moreover, depending on the size of the problems, in order for the counselling treatment to be effective, several sessions are required.

When availability is confirmed, payment is required immediately to secure the booking. Equally, text or email your Skype name to me well in advance before your session. This is also to avoid using your session minutes to select your name with you from the list of similar names registered to use Skype.

Moreover, 48 hours’ notice is required to cancel and reschedule a booked session.

Note that no refund policy applies. As a matter of fact, the reason is that other clients may have to require the same availability booked for you.

Furthermore, the quotes for mentoring and other services on this website which are not listed below are available when contacted.

Unless where specified: each session lasts for 50 minutes. Extra charge a minute applies if more than 50 minutes’ session is requested by clients.

Below is the current price list for counselling sessions. Furthermore, block-booked sessions are spread out within six weeks or, before, as clients decide.

Option 1. £46.00 a session for email counselling service. or, £240.00 for 6 block-booked sessions. No need to check availability before emailing descriptions to me.

Write down (not more than one page), what you need help with. Email it to me at and, I will work on the email. It is equally important to know that, each time I work on the described issues and email my therapeutic response back within 48 hours, that counts as one complete email counselling session.

Option 2. A. £60.00 a session for individual counselling or, £55.00 per session = £330.00 for 6 block-booked sessions, face-to-face via Skype video or Signal Messenger.

B. £60.00 a session for telephone counselling or, £55.00 per session = £330.00 for 6 block-booked sessions.

C. £60.00 a session for Skype call or, Signal Messenger counseling or, £55.00 per session = £330.00 for 6 block-booked sessions.

Option 3. £70.00 a session for couples counselling or, £64.00 per session = £384.00 for 6 block-booked sessions, face-to-face via Skype video or, Signal Messenger.

Option 4. £80.00 a session for family counselling or, £73.00 per session = £438.00 for 6 block-booked sessions, face-to-face via Skype video or, Signal Messenger for 3 family members attending together. 60 minutes per session.

By the same token, contact me as soon as you have decided to seek professional help. Equally important is that your problems will receive satisfactory solutions.

In the like manner, where there is a will, there is equally a way.

Moreover, contact and check availability for the service required.