Dr. Christiana Eke, BA. MBA. PhD.

About: My name is Christiana, the expert helper for life-changing issues and life balance direction.

My working experience and background are focused on different industries including the corporate world, education and psychological fields.

About: I have many years of experience providing business and management consulting.

As a serial entrepreneur, I also have years of experience providing other services including counselling, life coaching and executive coaching.

I provide confidential, empathic and non-judgemental services for individuals, couples, families, adolescents, organisations and small business owners.

My clients are based in the UK and internationally, frequently seeking help for personal or professional development and life-changing challenges.

About: Moreover, I abide by the strict Code of Ethics in my practice.

My pleasure in life is motivating and guiding people to achieve their own goals and reach their full potential.

I equally apply a holistic approach in my practice in order to balance wellbeing.

Equally important is that I am passionate about people, their health, happiness and success.

In my consultations, I apply different approaches and methods when working on the different issues that clients present to me. I work on clients’ requirements according to their individual challenges. Furthermore, I help potential clients to achieve results above their expectations.

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