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Online Counselling Service

In the first place, welcome to Counselling365.com, the online counselling service. Moreover, a website for online counselling service, 24-hours a day, and no waiting list.

You may be experiencing challenges that are affecting your well-being and health such as relationship issues, marriage, family, academic issues, communication skills, work-related concerns, or time management. You would equally receive professional help here for the distressing feelings in your life.

The Counsellor

My name is Christiana. I am a trained and qualified counsellor with many years of experience in providing confidential and non-judgemental online counselling services for individuals, couples, and families from all backgrounds, who, in reality, have a wide range of emotional and psychological problems.

I empathize and help clients with their well-being by communicating with them via email counselling service, telephone counselling service, and Skype video counselling sessions. The sessions are based on regular fixed days and times convenient for several months, based on the depth of the problems. I apply different methods, and use a suitable approach during my consultations according to the situation.

Why use this online counselling service?

Clients use this online counselling service because it is a flexible 24-hour helpline. Furthermore, it enables numerous clients to confide in the counsellor, their worries at the schedules that are convenient for them.

The sessions are via:

Email counselling

Telephone counselling


The purpose of online counselling service

In fact, no matter the reason for assistance, it is important to know that counselling treatment helps to transform lives, be it for anxiety, trauma, bereavement, or confidence building. It is equally important to know that counselling service is meant for circumstances that cause emotional and psychological distress. Moreover, talking therapy is effective for the treatment of stress and issues that are experienced due to life changes.

Equally important is that, where there is a will, there is a way. Also, during online counselling which is convenient, and no travelling involved, clients could choose to remain anonymous. To emphasise, try, and seek support, and do not suffer in silence.

Furthermore, business advice and management consultancy services are available here for, startups, small and medium-sized businesses at competitive rates.

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