Online Counselling, Consulting, and Life Coaching Services.

Online Counselling, Consulting, and Life Coach Services

Welcome to the online counselling, consulting, and life coaching services.

You may be experiencing issues that are affecting your well-being such as, anxiety, loss, trauma, marriage, family, or separation. Equally, you will receive my help for domestic abuse, violence, or bullying. I will guide you to achieve satisfactory solutions then, you would be free from any hindrance to your happiness.

As a life coach for various life issues including time management, dating, relationships challenges, and many more, I will help to transform your life. I will help you to improve tasks that you struggle with in order to achieve your aspirations. I will help set goals to reach your full potential. I will guide, advise, and mentor you with answers and knowledge for effective results.

The Professional

My name is Dr. Christiana Eke, PhD. I have many years of experience in providing confidential, empathic listening and non-judgemental counselling, consulting, and coaching services. My clients include individuals, couples, families, children, and youths. These clients, in reality, have a wide range of needs including, emotional and psychological problems.

I am passionate about people and what makes them happy. People always approach me with their problems, and they have confidence in my willingness to help them with effective results. I apply different methods, and use a suitable approach during my consultations according to the situations. I motivate and help clients to reach their fulfill potential.

The online counselling and life coaching services that I provide are via Skype, MS Teams, Zoom, Signal, telephone, and email counselling. I provide flexible booking appointments for any time, from early morning to late-night online sessions as convenient for clients.

Why use these Online Counselling, consulting, and Life Coaching Services?

Clients use these online counselling, consulting, and life coach services because of my specialist and high-quality help that provides satisfactory solutions to their needs. Furthermore, my services enable numerous clients to confide in me, their worries at the schedules that are convenient for them. Clients choose me because I am trained and experienced in my job. I maintain a code of conduct and ethics in my practice as well as, confidentiality, empathy, and a non-judgmental stance.

The purpose of Online Counselling, consulting, and Life Coach Services

In fact, no matter the reasons for assistance, counselling, consulting, and life coaching help to achieve goals. It is equally important to know that counselling, consulting, and life coaching services are for issues experienced by clients due to life changes. These numerous wellbeing issues could include, work-related, relationships, family, marriage, anxiety, trauma, bereavement, career, or confidence, low-self esteem, emotional and psychological. Moreover, talking therapy, mentoring, and coaching support services are effective for solving different kinds of challenges.

Equally important is that, where there is a will, there is a way. Also, during online counselling, clients could choose to remain anonymous by using email, or, telephone sessions instead of video platform sessions. However, try and seek support without suffering in silence.

Furthermore, the counselling, consulting, and life coaching services that I offer are for effective solutions to various problems.

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